8-128 zones, 8 Ar, DEU, big enclos.

  • Max. areas : 8
  • Max. number of zones (wired) : 128
  • Supervision software compatibility : ATS8300 Alliance, ATS8600 Advisor Management, Gamanet C4
  • Users max. : 1466
  • Language : German
  • Warranty : 2 Years



External Interface

Serial interface RS232 with ATS1801 (option)
USB Interface None
External interface SDK on demand


Working Temperature (°C) From 0 to 50
Max. Working Humidity [%] 95
Weather Proof IP Rating 30
Material Steel plate
Tamper Lid contact
Closure For threading
Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm] 460 x 475 x 160


Power supply 13.8VDC / 3A
Users max. 1466
Language German
Battery capacity [Ah] 18
Standard doors on control panel 16
Intelligent doors on 4-door controllers 48
Max. number of PIN codes 11466
Max. number of cards 11466
Supervision software compatibility ATS8300 Alliance, ATS8600 Advisor Management, Gamanet C4
Programming software ATS8100 Titan DE, FR, IT, EN, ATS8500 Downloader DE, FR, IT, EN (from V1.1.0.8996)
Calendars / Programs Yes
Macros and/or advanced functions Yes
Warranty 2 Years


EN Certification Yes
SES-CH Certification No
FFIS Certification Yes

Radio Technology

Wireless type One-way
Wireless frequency [MHz] 868
Wireless reception External on ATS123x receivers


Transmission protocol Contact ID, SIA I, SIA II, SIA III, SIA III Extended
Compatible IP transmitters Iris 2xx, 4xx and Connect Range, TDA7400NG, TDA7420NG and TDA7440NG direct integration
PSTN Analogic transmitter Integrated on main-board


Mobile network GSM only with ATS7310 (option)
IP Ethernet Yes, with ATS1801 and ATS1809 (option)

Keypads / Readers

Max. number of readers (panel) 16
Max. number of readers (system total) 64
Max. number of readers (on 4-door controllers) 48
Max. number of keypads (wired) 16
Max. number of keypads (wireless) 0
Max. number of keypads (touchscreen) 0
Keypad included No


Max. areas 8
Auto Arm/Disarm possible Yes
Number of partset per area 1


Number of zones (wired) From 8 to 128
Number of wireless zones From 16 to 128
Number of zones on main-board 8
Zones types Double resistor, Normally closed, Normally open, Single resistor
Zone resistors 10k, 1k, 1k5, 2k, 2k2, 3k3, 3k74, 4k7, 5k6 + 5k7, 6k8 + 6k9, 8k2


Zone expanders (on system bus) Max. 15 DGPs (ATS1210, ATS1220, ATS1201, ATS1203, ATS1204, ATS1290, ...)
Internal zone expanders Max. 3x ATS1202
Internal output expanders Max. 1x ATS1810 or 3x ATS1811
Output expanders (on system bus) ATS1811 or ATS1810 on DGPs
Access control expanders (on system bus) Max. 12x ATS125x DGPs

Programmable Wired Outputs

Max. outputs (whole system) 255
Mainboard outputs 3x Open Collector and 1x Relay



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