Matrice 210 V2 RTK V2 + D-RTK V2

Matrice 210 V2 D-RTK 2

  • Usage : Public Safety and Industrial inspections
  • Drone Type : Quadcopter
  • Max. payload : 1.23 kg (TB55), 1.72 kg (TB50)
  • Maximum distance : 5 km.


Matrice 210 V2 RTK V2 + D-RTK V2


Working Temperature (°C) From -20 to 50
Weather Proof IP Rating 43


Camera / Comp. gimbals PSDK, X5S, X7, XT2, Z30
Gimbal setup Bottom and top brackets, Double bottom brackets, Single bottom bracket, Single top bracket
Usage Public Safety and Industrial inspections
Drone Type Quadcopter
Dimensions unfolded (mm) 883 x 886 x 427
Dimensions folded (mm) 722 x 282 x 242
Batteries model TB50, TB55
Batteries number 2
Battery capacity / Battery weight 4280 mAh / 520 gr (TB50), 7660 mh / 885 gr (TB55)
Max. payload 1.23 kg (TB55), 1.72 kg (TB50)
Navigation GPS (L1/L2), Glonass (L1/L2), RTK
Redundancy & Sensors 2 propulsions system, Downward: 2 cameras + 2 ultrasonic sensors + LED, Dual Barometers, Dual IMU, Dual batteries, Dual frequencies, Dual frequencies band switching, Forward vision: 2 stereoscopic cameras, Upward: IR sensor + LED
Flight control Custom built-in
Remote controller Cendence S (GL900A)
Remote video output ports HDMI, SDI, USB
Multi user/aircraft capability Master and Slave
Operating frequency 2.4 GHz (CE <20 dBm), 5.7-5.8 GHz (CE <14 dBm)
Maximum distance 5 km.
Propeller model 1760S
Obstacle avoidance Down: 2 stereoscopic cameras + 2 ultrasonic sensors (0.1-5 m.), Front: 2 stereoscopic cameras (0.7-30 m.), Top: IR sensor (0-5 m.)
Apps DJI FlightHub (Browser), DJI GS Pro (iOS), DJI Pilot (Android & iOS)
Motor model 3515
Max. altitude sea level (m) 3000
Max. wind- descent speed (km/h) 12
Max flight time (minutes) 33
Max. speed (km/h) 81
Max. take-off weight (kg) 6.14
Weight incl. batteries and propellers (kg) 4.91
Battery charging time (min) 144


Max. ascent speed (km/h) 5
Max. descent speed (km/h) 3


Video transmission Lightbridge 2.5


Product description - Intelligent battery - FPV camera - DJI AirSense (built-in ADS-B receiver) - IP 43 - Mobile SDK and Payload SDK - 3DES encryption for command-control - Universal comms port - Onboard SDK - Compatible with Manifold - D-RTKv1 (only for M210 RTK) - Upward gimbal connector


Product type Drone

Matrice 210 V2 RTK V2 + D-RTK V2

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